Training Equipment


The gi or uniform used in the Bujinkan is traditionally black with Tabi worn on the feet. The gi may be of the traditional type, which is made up of trousers and jacket or trousers may be worn with a black t-shirt with the Bujinkan Iyashi Dōjō logo on.

Tabi are traditional Japanese socks dating back to the 15th century, they are usually knee or ankle high with a separation between the big toe and other toes. For training purposes, a more resilient version of Tabi are used called Jikatabi. These are made from heavier, tougher material and usually have rubber soles. This unique footwear allows the wearer to have tactile contact with the ground and greater agility.


There are various weapons used in the Bujinkan as part of training, the main weapons include the Katana (sword), Jo (short staff), Bo (long staff), Hanbo (half staff), Naginata and Yari (bladed pole weapon), Tanto (knife) and other more specialist weapons.

New Students

Students who are new to the Bujinkan are not required to acquire the above equipment unless they are serious about practising and becoming members of the dōjō. If students would like to practice regularly at the dōjō, then they will at least require a gi and Jikatabi. If students would like to own their own training weapons then an instructor will advise accordingly.


Don’t be afraid to let go of the sword
-Masaaki Hatsumi-