Dōjō Etiquette

Bujinkan Iyashi Dōjō promotes a relaxed environment and there are generally no formalities. However, the way to conduct oneself in the dōjō is important:

  • you must show respect to the dōjō and what it represents
  • you must show respect to your instructors and fellow students
  • you must leave your Martial history, experience and opinions at the door
  • you must not walk on the training area with outdoor shoes
  • any acts of aggression will not be tolerated
  • you must maintain discipline at all times while in the dōjō
  • your gi must be clean and fit for purpose

Bujinkan Iyashi Dōjō believes that a calm and relaxed environment is the key to learning and understanding and so the emphasis is placed mostly on practice rather than formality. Students may refer to instructors by sensei or their first name.


There is a traditional opening and closing ceremony of each class that derives from the Shinto (spirit-way) traditions of Japan that many Bujinkan schools observe; this demonstrates respect to the current head of the Bujinkan Hombu (Hatsumi Soke) and your sensei. Before each class all students will sit in seiza behind the sensei and carry out the bow-in. The order in which students sit is based on rank; senior ranks are at the front and junior ranks are towards the back.

Understand? Good, Play!
-Masaaki Hatsumi-