Shidōshi Menkyo Keith Watkin (Rokudan – 6th Dan)

Keith in the centre training with Neil.

Keith is a retired plumber and has been practising Ninjutsu for over 35 years. Keith has a wealth of experience in the medical side to Ninjutsu, known as Amatsu. Keith has also trained directly under Soke Hatsumi whilst following him to various Tai Kai’s (training conventions) around the world.

Keith has travelled to Japan to train at the Hombu as well as to many Taikai’s around Europe.

Keith passed his Sakki test (Godan – 5th Dan test) with Soke Hatsumi in Japan in the late 90s

Shidōshi Menkyo and Dōjō-chô Neil Thomas (Kudan – 9th Dan)

Neil to the left demonstrating subtleties in taking balance.

Neil is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Medical Educator and Medical Sonographer and has been a member of the Bujinkan since 1999. Neil has been teaching consistently since 2013 and started his teaching journey when he left for University to study Chiropractic in 2006. During this time Neil mainly instructed Chiropractic students to help improve their spacial awareness and kinaesthetic sensitivity.

As a chiropractor, Neil has a keen interest in musculoskeletal medicine and joint mechanics and this is reflected in his training where he teaches the application of this knowledge in a Martial context.

Neil travels to Japan to train at the Hombu twice per year as well as to various Taikai’s around the USA and Europe and has trained with Sensei’s Toshiro Nagato, Yukio Noguchi, Tetsuji Ishizuka and Robert Renner. Neil has also trained in Zero Point Budo with Dai Shihan Robert Renner for several years now.

Neil passed his Sakki test (Godan – 5th Dan test) with Sensei Toshiro Nagato (Sōke of Shinden Fudō-Ryū).

Keith and Neil are both licensed Shidōshi-Kai members of the Bujinkan Hombu (headquarters) in Japan. This means that they are licensed to teach Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu and can officially rank students and award certificates direct from the Hombu.

Assistant Instructor

Alex Gatenby (Yondan – 4th Dan)

Alex training with Jamie.

Alex is a graphic designer and has been practising Ninjutsu since 2005.

Alex assists in teaching and will occasionally take the class when Keith and Neil are not available.





You are not just fighting one opponent, you are fighting the unknown
-Masaaki Hatsumi-